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Keep Calm & Fundraise On

COVID19 is dominating the news, our healthcare system, the financial markets, and our daily lives. As we all adjust to whatever our new normal is over the next several weeks, I want to provide some fundraising resources to help you chart a path forward for your organization and your donors - and you.

  1. Start with CCS Fundraising's great piece on Principles of Fundraising: Coronavirus & Philanthropy.

  2. In the mass communications happening about COVID19, don't forget to communicate with your donors. Experts are urging nonprofits to talk to their donors now, honestly and openly about your response and your needs. Keeping channels of conversation open with your supporters will be key to weathering the current climate of change. Start now with my template donor email, available free.

  3. John Pepperdine shares lessons learned from the 2008 Recession. The key take-away: "Yes, you should talk to donors, and you should ask them to consider giving. To put it bluntly, don't fear conversations and don't fear making an ask of donors as long as you're respecting the relationship." And here are more lessons learned from past crises on how to communicate with your donors. (And even more - 4 Ways to Engage Major Donors).

  4. Is your fundraising efforts event focused? I know you are operating with so many uncertainties and challenges right now. Check out the Chronicle of Philanthropy's article about making the tough event choices, and read how others are responding.

  5. You might be adjusting to a 100% remote work situation for the first time. Checkout great article with tons of tips and resources for being successful at home.

  6. Most importantly, give yourself space and time to shut-off COVID19 response and coverage. Be gentle with yourself, and don't forget to take some downtime. I especially love The Morning Laugh from - as they say "Stay safe, stay healthy, stay informed and stay joyful."

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